Thrive: For Reviewees


Time to look ahead.

Professional development is a year round activity. Here’s everything you need to know:


The Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy; we want to recognize strengths, discuss areas for growth, and work towards meaningful goals.


What Should I be doing now?

The annual Feedforward process is set to occur in the last quarter of each year, but what should you being doing now?

Complete Project Review Forms:
As you wrap up or complete projects, these can be internal or external, we ask that you fill in the Project Review Form. This form is intended to capture performance insights for all DG Team Members with whom you have recently worked. Feedback on direct reports, peers, team leads and project managers is appropriate as we encourage a 360-degree assessment approach. This form should be used year-round as you transition off of projects to capture feedback while still fresh in mind for maximum value.

Goals & Conversations:
We encourage each Team Member to continue to check in with the goals they’ve established year-round and keep conversations with their Team Leads active.