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We are looking for an experienced Digital marketing professional with 9+ years of excellent record of accomplishment in digital marketing managing across Display, Search, Affiliate and all areas covering paid marketing. A strong self-motivated starter with strong experience in driving large teams to deliver campaign / performance management, optimization / reporting / analytics and associated services to our internal clients in UK, Europe & other international markets.

This leader will utilize strong project management leveraging his/her core experience in Paid performance media inclusive of Search Marketing, Programmatic, Social platforms advertising as well as a sound understanding of web analytics platforms and other tools in the digital performance marketing space. The role requires both operational and client servicing skills and will have direct reporting into the Chief Digital Officer & Director

Organizational and Behaviour Competencies :

1. Work closely with the product and marketing team in UK in executing the vision & roadmap for various brands spread across the globe.

2. Coach & lead the team in Bangalore to deliver excellence in paid marketing delivery inclusive of client servicing excellence, ROI delivery.

3. Responsible for driving digital road maps for all, brands and for seamlessly driving them into measurable execution.

4. Responsible for hiring, training and retaining great talent from the industry and also to arm them for international assignments

5. Responsible for developing identifying and delivering analytics solutions for, brands with the view of creating powerful case studies and testimonials

6. Capable of organizing successful teams to ensure flawless execution while working remotely

7. Excellent Verbal and written communication skills capable of high performance communication delivery over conference calls .

8. An excellent multi-tasker with great attention to detail, this individual is capable of seeing the micro and the macro to deliver the best possible plan of action

DG Moves to Wisconsin

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  • Head Start and build an Online Business Development team in  organisation
  • Should have the knowledge of Business development in Web Design and Development
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Finding New oppuotunities, generate leads using various leads using various sales strategies
  • Should have the experience in interacting with International clients ,understanding their requirements  and develop proposals for them
  • Various Sales Marketplaces such as elance, upwork, odesk,Guru