Modular Process Systems


Dennis Group's partner, Tech4Food, specializes in designing, fabricating and installing process systems and production skids for the food & beverage industry, with a focus in dairy, beverage, and liquid processing.

Skid mounted systems are custom-made and delivered in a turnkey manner, with Tech4Food assisting with everything from planning and process optimization to process design to commissioning and start-up.

The company has exported and installed systems in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

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In-House, Deployed Worldwide

Our custom designed processing systems and production skids increase start-up efficiency, getting your products to market faster.

Recent Projects

Cheese Line Processing Skid


Tech4Food designed a pilot plant for a semi-hard cheese line which processed 16-24 varieties of cheese per day.

Water modular processing skid



Tech4Food renovated a flavored water line which processed 18 cubic meters per hour. Services included process engineering (water handling/dissolution, syrup preparation, pasteurization) and a CIP system

modular production skid


Tech4Food provided a turnkey powder bag tipping station which was designed to process 4,200 Kg / h


Saudi Arabia

Tech4Food provided consulting and project management for the installation of new processing lines for evaporated milk, tomato paste and other products.


Food & Beverage Markets Served

We have 30 years of extensive experience in all segments of food and beverage.