Build Better Boxes

At first glance, what we do might seem boring. At Dennis Group, we don’t build graceful skyscrapers or sleek multilevels. We build boxes. But we do it better than anyone else.

What isn’t apparent in that first glance is all the detail that goes into building our food plants. Before we even get started, there are so many questions to answer: what are the climate conditions at the site? That seems like a pretty general question (cold in winter, hot in summer) but let’s break it down even further:

Where does the dew point fall within a wall assembly? What’s the frost elevation? 
What are the local wind loads like? 
What sort of snow load does the roof need to bear? How’s the humidity level?

And that’s before even getting into the specifics of the building material’s capillary-action or sanitary design.

The thing is, we don’t just build boxes. Our buildings require unique functionality and flexibility. Understanding and applying the science of heat and moisture flow is critical to preserve the integrity of the construction assemblies and ensure the products manufactured inside are not compromised or contaminated in any way.

We build with precision, continual learning, and combined decades of know-how. Our civil and structural engineers and architects are also scientists. They apply the physical sciences on a daily basis to create efficient and safe structures that work as much in harmony with the surrounding environment as with their internal structure and processing equipment.

Think you’ve got the design and building chops to join us? Check out our available civil and structural engineering and architectural positions here: