LED Class 2023

LED Class of 2023

Meet the New Trainees...

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17. Foto - Karen Carvalho Resized

Hi! I'm Karen, and this is me in a nutshell: I enjoy talking to people; I listen to music whenever possible, I'm very eclectic! I love reading, my favorite genre is fantasy; Lastly, being true to my Environmental Engineering background, I like going on walks in green areas to recharge.

Karen Carvalho

17. Foto - Fernando Richart Resized

Hi guys! I’m Fernando! I graduated in Architecture here in São Paulo and today I study Business and Management. I am a very curious person who loves playing sports, trying different foods, getting to know new places and being in contact with nature. Very excited for the year to come!

Fernando Richart

17. Foto - Isabella Breda Resized

Hi!! My name is Isabella Breda, I'm 26 yo. I was born in a small city in São Paulo, I went to college in Minas Gerais and lived in California for a while. I am an extrovert, lively and communicative person, I love new experiences, meeting new people, places and stories. My hobby is cooking and sharing this passion with friends.

Isabella Breda

17. Foto - Maria Julia Martins Resized

Hi! My name is Maria Julia, I'm 25 and I'm from Santos. I graduated in Civil Engineering in 2021 and I've also studied and worked with Data Engineering for a while.
I love traveling, hiking, hanging out with friends, and reading! I also enjoy learning new things and am excited to be part of the team!

Maria Julia Martins

17. Foto - Marco Di Natale Resized

My name is Marco, I'm 22 years old and I just graduated in Automation and Controls Engineering. I like video games, traveling with friends, going out to eat and watching soccer. My last 6 months as an intern at Dennis Group were very good and I'm happy to be able to continue working with the whole team.

Marco Di Natale